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Jumping® Trampoline EXCELLENT Pink or Green

Product description

JUMPING PROFI EXCELLENT is a recommended trampoline for jumping® classes and fitness centres. The advantage of this trampoline is its handiness - thanks to a narrower frame you can transport it in a single piece. This will be appreciated mainly by enthusiasts who go for an active holiday with their Jumping trampoline or transport it between gyms.


The JUMPING PROFI EXCELLENT is a facelifted version of the previous Excellent trampoline line.

This new trampoline is even more beautiful and, most importantly, more practical.

Unlike the first version, this trampoline can be folded into a transport box sized 80x25x20 cm made of solid material! I Doesn’t that sound great?

It weighs less than 13.5kg! As its name suggests, this piece of equipment is literally excellent.

Not only make these parameters this trampoline a queen of fitness products for home use and fitness centres, but the trampoline is also a perfect choice for those who like to travel with Jumping equipment.


The skeleton of the Excellent trampoline is made from a round steel tube with a wall thickness of 2mm which provides sufficient stiffness.

The whole family can jump on this trampoline, its bearing capacity being 110 kg.


The frame is 16 cm smaller than that of Jumping trampolines STANDARD, FLEXI and PLUS. It is apparent why. We strive to provide maximum transport convenience while preserving the Jumping concept.   


The frame consists of six independent parts. The package includes 14 connecting pieces including screws. The whole trampoline is assembled together with the use of these connecting pieces and then FIRMLY fastened a socket wrench.  With the use of a simple eccentric screw, you can adjust the handlebar height as per your preference. The legs have special rubber attachments at the ends that protect against floor surface damage and do not leave any ugly streaks.   


The trampolines are easy to store by stacking them up on each other.

You can comfortably stack ten trampolines up to the height of 1 metre.


For all tips and tricks visit our Youtube channel: jumpingfitnessofficial


Specifications of JUMPING PROFI EXCELLENT trampoline

  • Handlebars: Made from a 2 mm thick steel round tube. The handlebar consists of three parts attached together with connecting pieces, similarly as the frame. The advantage of these handlebars is their variable adjustability to adapt to the jumper’s height. The handlebar holder is firmly attached to the trampoline, which ensures excellent stability. The bottom part of the holder is made of stainless steel which prevents ugly scratches.

  • Trampoline mat:  Made from a special polypropylene UV resistant fabric. The jumping area is enclosed by a 5 cm wide rim. The trampoline spokes have 42 pieces of mesh through which special stirrups are threaded. A flexible rubber rope is attached to these stirrups.

  • Rubber rope: The rope is 7 mm in diameter. It has a special polyethylene monofilament with low ductility and high bonding strength. Each end is attached to a stirrup and secured by a collet to prevent unhitching. This patented comfortable system provides unique suspension for the trampoline mat while the individual parts of the elastic rope can be very easily replaced if damaged.


Spare parts are included:

1x rubber band with stirrup and collets
1x tensioning hook
1x Allen key for tightening


System of attaching the mat

The patented system of a single set of rubber rope with stirrup and collets

Trampoline diameter                                           120 cm

Mat diameter                                                           91 cm

Adjustable height of the handlebar             116-135 cm

Trampoline weight                                                13,5 kg

Legs hight                                                                   28,5 cm

Maximal weight capacity                                   110 kg

Needed space for the trampoline                 1,5 m2

Transport box dimension                                   80 x 25 x 20 cm

Material:                                                                     Steel frame

Our price with VAT :                                             225,00 $

The "seller name":                                                 melree2020

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