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Jumping® Trampoline EXCELLENT Pink or Green

Product description

JUMPING PROFI EXCELLENT is a recommended trampoline for jumping® classes and fitness centres. The advantage of this trampoline is its handiness - thanks to a narrower frame you can transport it in a single piece. This will be appreciated mainly by enthusiasts who go for an active holiday with their Jumping trampoline or transport it between gyms.


The JUMPING PROFI EXCELLENT is a facelifted version of the previous Excellent trampoline line.

This new trampoline is even more beautiful and, most importantly, more practical.

Unlike the first version, this trampoline can be folded into a transport box sized 80x25x20 cm made of solid material! I Doesn’t that sound great?

It weighs less than 13.5kg! As its name suggests, this piece of equipment is literally excellent.

Not only make these parameters this trampoline a queen of fitness products for home use and fitness centres,